Welcome to the GPIU Study on NAUTI 2009
Welcome to the GPIU Study on NAUTI 2009
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The ESIU/EAU welcome you to the first clinical study on UROWEB (developed by Trentt). Urology departments from all over the world are invited to join the Global Prevalence Study on Infections in Urology (GPIU-study) on hospital aquired urinary tract infections. European urologists were the first group of specialist to register hospital aquired infections on an international level

The ability to treat urinary tract infections (UTI) is a prerequisite for modern urological surgery. In order to tailor effective antimicrobial prophylaxis and treatment we must know the identity and sensitivity of pathogens causing UTI.

Nosocomial urinary tract infections have become an important quality parameter in urology and a legal issue for hospital health care.

The GPIU-study is a combined quality improvement initiative and a scientific study. Once you have filled in the report forms you will get access to statistics showing the accumulated results for all participating hospitals. Here you can compare your own results with hospital from all over Europe and Asia. The GPIU-study application has been designed as an instrument to follow the development of important NAUTI-related factors for several years, on international, national and local levels.

See the full text for the GPIU-study protocol!

Register yourself by clicking the "register" button on the right side of the page and fill in all fields. After having done that you will receive a hospital registration number. Sign in and choose the "study" menu. Fill in the "Hospital report form" and press the "send" button. Within a few seconds you will gain access to the patient report forms in the "Study Report Forms" menu. You can fill them in and send them when ready. You can also store an unfinished patient form and complete your work later. After all hospitals have filled in all patient forms the study statistics become available.

Take responsibility for the future of urology - join the GPIU-study!
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